Stop clicking your heels and open today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

Today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ has quite a story behind it. Well, 14 stories to be exact. It’s not exactly a trip down memory lane, but it’s certainly down a lane of some sort. It actually took a lot of courage on the part of my wee friend, but one thing I’ll say for him, what he thinks he lacks in brains, he certainly makes up for in heart.

We Irish love stories. But then you’ve probably worked that one given the tales I’ve already told you over the past few days – and have planned right up until March 17. If you can’t wait until then, and you fancy hearing a bit more blarney, you can always have a read of this –

‘Scary’ Irish Hallowe’en traditions (they mostly involve marriage)

This bit of silliness has been brought to you care of the creator of the Chicago St Patrick’s Day Advent Calendar or Padvent Calendar for short. Because it’s Paddy, never Patty.

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