Because two parades and one green river doth not St Patrick's Day make

I’m still here. And so is Paddy. Because despite all the shenanigans of the past weekend here in Chicago, with rivers and beer turning green, and those darned bagpipe players turning up everywhere, it’s still not St Patrick’s Day, and so the Chicago Padvent Calendar continues. All the way to March 17.

Now I’m assuming there may still be a few sore heads around this morning, so I’m taking you somewhere nice and quiet. Where you won’t be disturbed. A place where time seems to stand still – unless, of course, you fail to be on time. And then you may have to pay dearly. Is that cryptic enough for you?

The wee fella’s been having quite a time of it, traipsing round Chicago these past two weeks. He’s gained a bit of celebrity status, having been spotted a couple of times by the locals while out on a shoot. To be fair, he knows how to handle himself in these situations, thanks to the advice of a great mate of his, who’s also well-accustomed to handling unsolicited attention. Because believe me, it’s no piece of cake being a potato model….

The $1.1 million potato photo – the spud’s story

You can check back in on Paddy’s progress anytime. It’s a bit like tracking Santa – just click on the ‘Where’s Paddy? tab at the top of the page.

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