Paddy's off on a wild bunny chase in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

I’m beginning to see little green men in my dreams, so I reckon it’s almost St Patrick’s Day. Just one more sleep, as we say at home. My personal little green man can’t wait, as then he’s hoping to get some sleep himself. This whole Chicago Padvent thing has taken quite a lot out of him as you can tell. He’s certainly starting to look very pale around the ears. And the tail. And there’s no bounce left in him. So where is Paddy perched today and why?

Well, my friends, we’re coming to the end of a long journey, which you can retrace at any time by clicking here. I’ve learned many new things about Chicago, and I hope you’ve learned a few new things about the city’s Irish connections. Now all you need before the big day is a pointer or two on how to talk the talk, so read and learn….

How’s about ye, Liam Neeson? Stickin’ out



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