Paddy is plumbing new depths in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

The wee fella’s off again. Honestly, you can’t keep him in any one place for more than a few hours. Just look where I caught him this morning – sticking his head in where he had no business to be. Although that’s not exactly true. Because today’s Chicago Padvent window has to do with something that is as Chirish as it gets. There is nothing more Chirisher. It is the pinnacle of Chirishness. It makes other cities’ attempts at Irishness pale in comparison. Literally.

So where is Paddy today and why?

Are you starting to see the wee fella in your sleep? Where will he pop up next? Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you more food for thought. Yup, that’s a clue. In the meantime, you can always find him up in the ‘Where’s Paddy?‘ tab.

And just in case you think I don’t take St Patrick’s Day seriously (says the person who’s created a St Patrick’s Day Advent Calendar), here’s something I’ve written with my serious hat on about what St Patrick’s Day really means to me.

The true spirit of St Patrick’s Day – bringing North and South together

OK, enough heavy stuff. Back with the frivolity tomorrow.

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