Paddy's trying not to be mobbed in day 5 of the Chicago Padvent Calendar

It’s Sunday. I know some of us may be feeling a little ‘tired’ today, so I’m going to go easy on you. Today’s Chicago Padvent calendar window is a place often associated with things Chirish. It’s also associated with the thing or things that may have left you feeling a little ‘tired’ today. But before you think you’ve got it sussed, let me warn you, not everything is as it appears….

How you doing so far? It’s all a bit daft, isn’t it. But I bet you’ve passed on a few pearls to your long-suffering friends and family to show off your new-found Chirish credentials. If they don’t believe you, tell them to check for themselves in that great big ‘Where’s Paddy?’ tab in the sky. Because it’s always worth checking, otherwise very silly things can happen, such as –

When a tattoo really says ‘May I go to the toilet?’ in Gaelic

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