Paddy's going to ground in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

First off, no, I didn’t misspell it. Chicago St Patrick’s Day Advent Calendar is just too long, so I’ve officially christened it the Chicago Padvent Calendar.

Secondly, I’ll admit Paddy wasn’t really there in the photo. I couldn’t actually take him to today’s window, because today’s secret location has no windows, or walls, or anything really. But thank goodness for those nice people who created Google Earth, because using their magic and Paddy leprechaun magic, I give you your third ‘Where’s Paddy?’, a conundrum that will force you to dig deep in your knowledge of Chicago. That said, please don’t bust yourself over it – you wouldn’t be the first.

I bet you’re wondering how I’m going to come up with another 14 weird and wonderful Irish links as tenuous as this one. Don’t you worry – I’m just getting started. You can check up on me anytime in the ‘Where’s Paddy?’ tab, and if I miss a day, I’ll buy you a beer. Just not a green one.

Now we’re getting to know each other, let me tell you how my new home town is similar to my old one –

Chicago and Belfast – 3,650 miles apart but closer than ‘youse’ think

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