Where's Paddy in Chicago today? Back where it all started.

As you can see, Paddy today has got himself into a bit of a tight spot somewhere in Chicago. Leprechauns are great at that sort of thing. They’re always where the trouble is – usually because they’re the ones who start it. But on this occasion he wasn’t to blame. I mention that, because blame plays a big part in today’s conundrum. And whether it was justified or not.

So where’s Paddy?

Are you getting excited yet about the big day? You do know it’s not tomorrow, right? One green river and many green faces doth not a St Patrick’s Day make. They can parade all they want this weekend, but come Monday, there’ll be another little window waiting to be opened, and then another the next day, and the day after that, all the way until March 17. Because that’s the REAL day to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

And while I’m on the subject….

My beef with St Patrick’s Day – and it’s blue, not green



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