Once upon a time in Chicago, there was a leprechaun called Paddy....

We’re nearly there. It’s almost time for you to don that green leprechaun hat hiding at the back of your closet, and to hunt out the one green sweater you possess so that you can feel part of the madness that sweeps the nation, nay the world, on March 17. And this year, you can indeed claim to be, if not part Irish, at the very least fully Chirish, armed with the knowledge you have gleaned over the past two weeks on all things Irishy and Chicagoey.

All that is left to do is to open three more windows, and to help you get into the spirit, Paddy has also agreed to don a few accessories. Which, in his case, means losing the leprechaun hat. To be honest, I think he quite fancied himself in the Blues Brothers’ hat and shades, so there wasn’t much protest from him. He was less keen however when he saw what I was suggesting. But ever the trooper, he swallowed his pride, and was as good as the gold he keeps hidden at the bottom of the rainbow.

So, where oh where was Paddy in Chicago today?

More silly disguises tomorrow. And if you want to see Paddy in his previous shades (of green), just click on ‘Where’s Paddy?‘. Or you can also read about his 235 leprechaun friends (and one human one) here –

Standing up for the 236 living leprechauns – and Rory McIlroy

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