It's no small fry finding Paddy in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

Do you know what? We’re exactly half way through the Chicago Padvent Calendar. Eight days behind us, and eight more to come. I think you deserve a little treat, especially as you’ve been very good and not had a single chocolate. So I’ve organised today’s window especially, in the hope that it gives you a little pick-me-up, a little burst of energy to sustain you through the days ahead. Not that I hope you’re finding this whole calendar thing a bit of a slog; in fact, I’m really hoping that if I asked you, you’d simply say ‘I’m Lovin’ It’. I know Paddy is. But with whom?

Don’t forget if you’ve missed any windows, they’re all up there in the ‘Where’s Paddy?‘ tab. It’s a St Patrick’s Day miracle – there they sit, all glossy and pristine looking, even if the ones all around them have been ripped into, leaving straggly, half-opened ‘by mistake’ bits of silver foil. Why can’t real advent calendars be like that. Or is it just that Padvent ones have all the luck.

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