America - meet Eurovision, the Miss Universe of song contests

America, you are about to witness the spirit of Europe. This Saturday, May 14, the Eurovision Song Contest is being broadcast live for the first time in the USA, and it is a cultural institution not to be missed, bringing together the best and the worst, the weird and the wonderful, the out-of-tune and the out-of-their-minds.

It’s the Miss Universe of singing competitions. There are over the top costumes, there are countries you didn’t know existed, someone, somewhere will trip and fall, and there will be tears. Plus there is a marvellous marking system which allows for the very public allocation of zero points – or in Eurospeak ‘nul points‘. Say ‘nul points’ (nool pwang) to anyone from Europe – they’ll know what you’re talking about.

One thing – when I say Eurovision represents the spirit of Europe, I do mean this literally. Drinking is pretty much obligatory (and advisable) if you intend to travel the length and breadth that is Eurovision-land, with suitable prompts first sequinned outfit, first key change, first person to forget their words, first sign of lycra, etc.

How could you miss it? Especially when Eurovision has brought us some memorable moments such as ….



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