If you can wear a onesie at 30, why not a bikini at 90?

There’s a photo currently doing the social media rounds of a lovely Australian lady, Irene Carney, sporting a spotted bikini on her family cruise. The newsworthy aspect is that Irene is 90 years old. Yes, you read correctly, 90, and you can see how well she looks here.

We’ve all heard those ‘rules’ about what age you should stop wearing a bikini. But surely if we can now wear baby all-in-ones in our 20s and 30s, why not a bikini at 90?

Baby photo credit: Day 2: Jailbird via photopin (license); Group onesie photo credit: via photopin (license)

And onesies aren’t the only item to have made the cross-generational leap in recent years –

* Mom jeans. I’ve been assured by my fashion-conscious 21-year-old what used to mean high-waisted, unflattering jeans that were the subject of a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch now translates to ‘high-waisted, not quite as tight as skinny jeans, and destined to show off your posterior’. This was her description, although she used a slightly more colloquial term for posterior. So basically mom jeans, the key difference being they’re not worn by moms. Topshop suggests you roll them to the ankles and wear a crop top to show off the high waist. Yeah, right. Here’s the SNL sketch to remind you how the jeans used to look. And that SNL used to be funny.

*Adult colouring books. I was useless at them when I was a child, as I never had the patience. But the range of subjects now on offer to adults could tempt me. How could you not be intrigued by the Sex Position Coloring Book with the tagline ‘Sex is fun! Coloring is fun! Now, coloring sex is fun!!!’ Wow, a total of five exclamation marks in one sentence – it must be good!!!!

drinking and drawingI refrained from including a photo of the book in order not to offend delicate sensitivities. So I’ll go with this one – ‘Color me Drunk – A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book’. Because that couldn’t offend anyone, could it. And who wouldn’t want to try and draw Tipsy the Turtle and Drunky the Donkey, use a variety of wine stains as a starting point for your own drawing, or hardest of all, try to draw a straight line.

sippy cup*Sippy cups. Not only do we adults now have water bobbles we can clutch in the same way as a baby does his beloved milk bottle, we even get to have sippy cups. Although I prefer mine to contain a more adult beverage. Particularly useful to have to hand when enjoying some ‘Color me Drunk’ quiet time.

*Ladybird books. In the UK, these small, hard-back books with their old-school illustrations were how my generation first heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, how we learned to read, tell the time, and pick our noses (just checking if you were still reading). Now some genius has found a new purpose for those old-school illustrations, namely The Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups series. Titles include ‘The Hipster, ‘The Mid-Life Crisis’, ‘The Vegan’ and ‘The Coronary’.

Given Chicago’s love of craft beer and coffee, I have included two pearls of wisdom from my personal copy of ‘The Hipster’.

20160405_181832_resizedPetr runs a micro-still from the basement of a condemned electricity sub-station.

Here he makes craft gin, infused with sausage and toothpaste.

Petr is available as an app.

20160405_182614_resizedCoffee is the hipster’s favourite drink.

These dry espressos are made with baby scallions and chia roots and cost over £8 per cup (over $11).

They contain no water.

*Sex. No longer the preserve of the young or the middle-aged (although even the latter may come as a shock to the young). According to a study published last year by the University of Manchester in the UK, people are enjoying active sex lives into their 70s and 80s. Of the 7,000 people who responded to the survey, 54% of men and 31% of women over 70 said they still were sexually active.

Things could get even more interesting as the first baby boomers, the ‘free love’ generation, will be turning 70 this year. So we might be seeing many more, shall we say, mature ladies in their bikinis in years to come.

At least Irene was ahead of their curves.

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