Bye bye jaded January, hello fabulous February

I don’t think I’m alone in being glad January is done and dusted. Actually there hasn’t been much dusting done in January in my household, as I’ve found it so hard to actually do anything. All this fresh start to a New Year malarkey – I see January the opposite way; it’s really the month when you close out the previous year.


How I feel about January. And yes – it is dog poop.

Think about it, when did you take your holiday decorations down? I know there are wise souls out there who ensure Christmas and New Year never collide, sprucing up their homes by removing the festive spruce well before the embers of December have turned cold.

But I imagine the majority of us grappled with the endless needles, trashed the burnt-out fairy lights, and swore at that one decoration you always find after you’ve put everything away sometime over the past few weeks. And then there are the bills. We may have written 2016 on the checks over the past few weeks, but the dates of entry and the memories all drag us back to 2015.

If you even look at any image of Janus, the Roman god credited with giving us the name of our first month, neither of his faces look all that happy. And he was a god – what chance do any of us mortals have?

So bring on fabulous February. A month that challenges your mind in so many ways. What is that first ‘r’ doing there? Are there really only 28 days? Is it a Leap Year this year?

It’s the month of St Valentine’s Day so you get to play ‘Be Mine’ Bingo – spot the largest stuffed animal, find the weirdest ‘From….To….’ Valentine’s Day card, see the most convoluted way a store can use February 14th to promote its wares. My personal favourite? In New York, where I saw a ‘him and her’ Valentine’s Day laser hair removal offer. The tagline read ‘The couple that lasers together, stays together’. I imagine they sent each other ‘Celebrating our first holiday together’ cards.

What’s more, we’re supposed to eat chocolates and drink wine and spoil ourselves. Does that sound like rein-it-in January to you? For an added bonus, Mardi Gras usually falls during February, so there’s another excuse for a party. And the same for Chinese New Year. And if you’re in the US, there’s the Super Bowl. Plus all those annoying fliers from gyms offering free memberships finally stop being shoved through your mailbox.

I know I said my New Year resolution was to live and appreciate each day of 2016. I’m still keeping to that – it’s just that I’m going to live and appreciate February just that little bit more.

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