Bikinis and leafpiles? No way November

I saw a bikini on the beach this week. And it wasn’t just lying discarded on the sand, there was actually someone lying in it, thanks to the Indian summer we’ve been enjoying. Meanwhile I’ve just swept up 6 huge bags of leaves from the backyard. Here are a few other things I’ve not expected to see, hear, smell or be doing in Chicago at this time of year.

What we had to 'suffer' today, November 5

What we had to ‘suffer’ today, Nov 5

*Taking the Hallowe’en decorations down wearing a T-shirt

*Having trouble taking the Hallowe’en decorations down as they’re all tangled up in the leaves that aren’t normally there on the trees

*Whistling roofers and tilers – and I don’t mean wolf whistling, just ‘happy to be outside without having to wear 5 layers like we normally would at this time of year’ whistling

*The tub of sunscreens still sitting by the front door (although it’s staying there all year round from now on)

*Summer dresses still hanging in the wardrobe

*Hot dogs. No, not the edible kind. Overheating canines.

*The smell of multiple BBQs on a balmy evening

*The smell of garbage bins (one benefit of winter)

*The sound of a lawnmower drowning out the sound of a leaf blower

*Having to water the flowers in the backyard

*Still having flowers in the backyard

*Having the roof open in the car. Without the heating on

*LOTS of people still out running by the lake – even though the Marathon is over

*Actually feeling sorry for boat owners when you see the vacated harbors

*The fireplace looking unloved and unused

*The sight of turtles sunning themselves in North Pond – and they didn’t even have bikinis on

I know this glorious weather is on its way out, but sitting outside as I write this, all I can say is – way to go, first days of November. We’ll remember you fondly in the months to come.

Postscript: I wrote, I published, it began to rain. Blame it on the luck of the Irish.

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