10 un-Hallowe'eny things given the spooky sales treatment

I was wondering what to buy ahead of October 31 for our local trick or treaters, but thankfully I caught this week’s radio spot from Trader Joe’s. You can see this year’s treat of choice below. Plus it started me looking for other surprising products that have been given a Hallowe’en makeover.

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  • #1-I'm sure the recipients will go back to Trader Joe's to get the bleach free, organically processed toilet paper to TP your house. Maybe egg it with the $5/doz. free range eggs. Darn, everything in their Fearless Flyer was pumpkin spice.

  • In reply to jack:

    Did you notice any pumpkin-spice scented toilet paper in there? If not, maybe there's a market for that too.

  • In reply to Caroline Eagles:

    No, but would only pay if you have to put fiber in one end to get it out the other. Sort of reminds me of someone who had the expression "they think their [poop] doesn't stink," to which my reply was "the lemon drink you gave me made my [flatulence] lemony fresh." Thus, it wouldn't be necessary to buy Glade, as bathrooms would have that pleasant allspice and nutmeg aroma for the next week.

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