Getting it right in the bedroom - the temperature, I mean

I expected to have to learn how to layer up when I moved to Chicago, thanks to all the winter horror stories. I didn’t expect to have to learn how to layer down in the bedroom during the summer. And I’d like to clarify here that I mean my bedding as opposed to my bedwear.

We currently have to hand a sheet, an empty duvet cover so it’s just that little bit thicker, and a ‘naked’ duvet. So far this assortment has sufficed to cover the many changes in nightly temperatures over the past weeks.

I am still waiting for someone to invent the gadget that at 4:00 am realises you now need more than that duvet cover and reaches down for the folded duvet waiting patiently at the end of your bed to serve its purpose. The husband did fulfill this role the other night but that was a one-off.

Image courtesy of FrameAngel at

Image courtesy of FrameAngel at

I appreciate many of you will say just stick the air-conditioning or the fan on, and then you can transport yourself back to the times when the only temperature regulation mechanism needed is feet out or feet in.

But we are a couple who like to sleep ‘au naturel’ and again I’m not referring to our bed attire. We’ve grown up with Irish-style air-conditioning, in other words, an open window. I like to hear the birds and the sirens and the ‘three-sheets-to-the-wind’ crowd heading home in the early hours. But that means letting the outside dictate the inside, hence my nightly pulling up and down of three sheets – especially if there is a wind.

We have also fallen foul of Chicago winters in the bedroom department.

It was a rookie mistake – first trip away in winter and we set the thermostat to 45 degrees, never thinking temperatures would actually fall that far inside. Enter the polar vortex. We arrive back late at night with 6 inches of snow on our steps and a freezing cold house. We head to bed, thinking at least we’ll find some comfort in our memory foam mattress. Except it had lost all memory of us and become a cement block – as they apparently do in colder temperatures.

It took a good week for the stiffness to go away and no, it was not a pleasurable experience.

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  • I liked your post. To a degree.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Ah, but that one degree makes all the difference to me! Thanks Aquinas wired.

  • The main problem is that Chicago is in the middle of a continent and has continental weather patterns, unless the wind is off the lake.

    On the other hand, Ireland is surrounded by the ocean. You have to move to Seattle or San Francisco.

  • In reply to jack:

    Too true Jack - you're never too far away from the sea in Ireland. But we did aspire to being like 'the continent' as we called Europe in those days. So much so that we called duvets 'continental quilts'.

  • fb_avatar

    Sounds like you need a ChiliPad. Set it and forget it....

  • In reply to Todd Youngblood:

    Sounds like the Showtime Rotisserie.

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