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Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh claims Democrats want Hispanics dependent on government

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh claims Democrats want Hispanics dependent on government
Illinois Republican Congressman, Joe Walsh, is no stranger to controversy. He recently made some controversial comments claiming that Democrats want Hispanics to be dependent on the government and that African Americans already are dependent on the government. “The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything,” Walsh said during a speech in Schaumburg that was caught... Read more »

Latino Republicans make gains but Democrats don't need to panic...yet

The mid-term results may have been bad for many Democrats but across the country Latino candidates came out winners. Interestingly, several of them were Republican. Gov-elect Susana Martinez of New Mexico In New Mexico, Republican Susana Martinez was elected governor making her the first Latina governor in the United States. Martinez, 50, is a district... Read more »

Republican candidate for Illinois governor, Bill Brady, to share stage with local Tea Party and Minuteman leaders

Chicago immigrant rights activists and religious leaders are upset that the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, state Sen. Bill Brady, and other Republican politicians are scheduled to share the stage Saturday with a woman who is the founder of the Illinois Minuteman Project and has made controversial comments about immigrants, Catholics and Muslims. Rosanna Pulido... Read more »

Arizona may deny U.S. citizenship to babies, Harvard University student faces deportation and Chicago activists hold immigration protests

In Arizona, seems some politicians haven’t tired yet of going after immigrants, teachers with accents or ethnic studies programs. So they have a new group of people they want to corral – babies born to undocumented immigrants. Arizona Republicans are expected to introduce state legislation that would deny U.S. citizenship to children born to undocumented... Read more »

I walked into a Tea Party protest in New Mexico

The Tea Party people used Tax Day to rally across the country. I’m in New Mexico this week for a board meeting of women journalists (JAWS) and in Santa Fe I stumbled upon a Tea Party protest. It’s interesting that in a state the Census shows is almost 45 percent Hispanic and almost 10 percent... Read more »

Chicagoans march for immigration reform

For some reason, when conservatives protest they grab bigger headlines then when liberals protest. Case in point, the Tea Party protesters have garnered all sorts of national attention. So what do supporters of immigration reform have to do to grab headlines? There will be a march in Chicago this Wednesday where some undocumented youth will... Read more »