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Undocumented Chicagoans arrested outside Obama fundraiser

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Chicago man arrested protesting Alabama immigration law

Chicago man arrested protesting Alabama immigration law
*Updated information: On Thursday evening, Tania Unzueta reported that 10 of the 12 arrested in Alabama were out of jail and were not detained by immigration officials. They expect the last two protesters to be released later Thursday evening. A minor, the 13th protester, was released after the initial arrest. On Thursday morning, Tania Unzueta... Read more »

DREAM Act youth step up civil disobedience and speak out at Netroots Nation

Photo from citizenorange.com There is a new civil rights movement underway in the United States and it is being led by undocumented immigrant youth, who this week staged a major sit-in in Washington, D.C. that resulted in 21 of them being arrested. They are risking everything, even possible deportation, to call attention to the need... Read more »

Arizona may deny U.S. citizenship to babies, Harvard University student faces deportation and Chicago activists hold immigration protests

In Arizona, seems some politicians haven’t tired yet of going after immigrants, teachers with accents or ethnic studies programs. So they have a new group of people they want to corral – babies born to undocumented immigrants. Arizona Republicans are expected to introduce state legislation that would deny U.S. citizenship to children born to undocumented... Read more »

Immigrant students arrested at McCain's office to be arraigned Tuesday; Chicago's Tania Unzueta not arrested

SECOND UPDATE: The undocumented students spent more than seven hours in detention and were released for noe. But they could face eventual deportation. They also have a court date for June 16 on the trespassing charges. UPDATE 10 p.m.: The three undocumented students arrested after a sit-in at Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office were being... Read more »

Tania Unzueta of Chicago risks arrest in sit-in at Arizona Sen. John McCain's office

A group of undocumented students, including Tania Unzueta from Chicago, are staging a sit-in Monday afternoon at Arizona Sen. John McCain‘s office in Tuscon. Tania Unzueta They are challenging Congress to pass the DREAM Act which would create a pathway to legalization for undocumented youth who came here as minors and who complete two years... Read more »

Chicagoans march for immigration reform

For some reason, when conservatives protest they grab bigger headlines then when liberals protest. Case in point, the Tea Party protesters have garnered all sorts of national attention. So what do supporters of immigration reform have to do to grab headlines? There will be a march in Chicago this Wednesday where some undocumented youth will... Read more »