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May Day time for immigration reform

May Day time for immigration reform
May Day also is known as International Workers’ Day. In Chicago and many other cities May 1 also is a day for immigrant workers and their supporters to protest. In 2006, hundreds of thousands of people came out  to protest in Chicago but since then the numbers have dwindled. Immigrant rights advocates are expecting Congress... Read more »

May Day protests will unite immigrants, Occupiers and others

May Day protests will unite immigrants, Occupiers and others
May Day is a day to honor the workers of the world and it also is a day of protest. Thousands of people are expected to protest in Chicago this Tuesday, May 1. In recent years, the protests have largely focused on immigrant rights, and in 2006 several hundred thousand people protested in Chicago motivated... Read more »

Images from the immigration rally in Chicago

Across the country Saturday there were marches in more than 80 cities for immigration reform and against Arizona’s new immigration law. The largest protest drew an estimated 60,000 in Los Angeles and more than 8,000 marched here in Chicago, according to official estimates. Among those supporting the marchers were U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents,... Read more »

Chicanisima debated immigration with callers on Chicago Now Radio on WGN

I was on the Chicago Now Radio program broadcast on WGN Radio today. I discussed Arizona’s new immigration law and the immigration marches planned in Chicago and across the country. Listen to me get into a debate with a caller over why I use the word undocumented and not “illegal.” Check it out here.

Arizona esta loco. Expect major immigration protest in Chicago on May Day.

Have they gone completely loco in Arizona? Activists gathered for Monday night vigil outside immigration detention center in Broadview. The Arizona Department of Education is going after teachers who speak with a heavy accent, according to a story by Miriam Jordan in The Wall Street Journal. And lawmakers also passed a bill targeting ethnic studies... Read more »