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March Madness: Kansas' Rodriguez taunted about green card

March Madness: Kansas' Rodriguez taunted about green card
It’s March Madness and sports fans are focused on college basketball. But racism reared its ugly head Thursday when some in the Southern Mississippi band insulted Kansas State player Angel Rodriguez. “Where’s your green card?” they chanted. It’s racist for them to assume just because he is Latino that he has or needs a green... Read more »

Virgil Peck suggested shooting immigrants in Kansas and a Native American lawmaker in Oklahoma said immigrants "not wanted"

You probably heard about the comments made by a Kansas state legislator Virgil Peck that we should shoot illegal immigrants like hogs. But sadly this type of ignorance, which he was forced to apologize for, isn’t just limited to Kansas. I was in Oklahoma recently for a conference called Immigration in the Heartland and with... Read more »

Virgil Peck apologizes for saying immigrants should be shot like hogs

Let’s microchip illegal immigrants so we can track them like lost dogs. How about we put down land mines to get them at the border? Better yet, let’s shoot them down from helicopters like hogs. I’m not making up such inhumane ideas. These are all suggestions made by lawmakers or people hoping to be elected... Read more »