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Images from the immigration rally in Chicago

Across the country Saturday there were marches in more than 80 cities for immigration reform and against Arizona’s new immigration law. The largest protest drew an estimated 60,000 in Los Angeles and more than 8,000 marched here in Chicago, according to official estimates. Among those supporting the marchers were U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents,... Read more »

Interview with Rigo Padilla

Rigo Padilla was riding the Pink Line train when he got a phone call from his lawyer that immigration officials would allow him to stay in the United States. “I was hopeful this would happen. I tried to remain positive and just focus on school,” said Padilla shortly after he got the good news from... Read more »

Chicago City Council passes resolution in favor of immigrants

The Chicago City Council passed a resolution Wednesday in support of the DREAM Act and against the planned deportation of a local college student Rigo Padilla, who I’ve written blog posts about before. The vote was 49 to 1 with only Ald. James Balcer voting against it. Now this is largely a symbolic measure as... Read more »

Congressman, condoms and politics

Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk‘s face is pictured on a condom wrapper in a new ad.No, he’s not selling condoms. Part of the ad reads, “Kirk’s Immigration Solution…Condoms?” The congressman is being attacked by an organization critical of his stance on immigration and comments Kirk made two years ago that he supports family planning as a... Read more »