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Lost in Detention: Illinois immigrants in documentary by Maria Hinojosa

Lost in Detention: Illinois immigrants in documentary by Maria Hinojosa
Last night I watched the PBS FRONTLINE documentary “Lost in Detention” an investigation reported by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa in conjunction with the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University’s School of Communication. Everybody should watch this to gain a fuller understanding of President Obama’s immigration enforcement policy. More than one million undocumented immigrants have been... Read more »

DREAM Act youth are fighting for their lives

High school graduation would normally be a time to celebrate. Many students make plans for college and look forward to the next phase of their lives. Reyna Wences But for Reyna Wences it was different. The day after her high school graduation from Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago in the summer 2009 she took... Read more »

Luis Gutierrez's work on immigration reform is more important than running for mayor of Chicago

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez I have to say I was shocked to hear that U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez will not run for mayor of Chicago. In a speech Thursday at the University of Illinois at Chicago the congressman announced his decision not to run. He stated that his commitment to push for immigration reform in... Read more »

Republican candidate for Illinois governor, Bill Brady, to share stage with local Tea Party and Minuteman leaders

Chicago immigrant rights activists and religious leaders are upset that the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, state Sen. Bill Brady, and other Republican politicians are scheduled to share the stage Saturday with a woman who is the founder of the Illinois Minuteman Project and has made controversial comments about immigrants, Catholics and Muslims. Rosanna Pulido... Read more »

Arizona Gov. Brewer distorts truth by calling most undocumented immigrants "drug mules"

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has resorted to lying about immigration. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer She has made public claims that a majority of undocumented immigrants are drug mules and we know this is simply not true. It has no basis in fact and only serves to inflame the immigration debate. “Well, we all know that... Read more »

Sen. Durbin, former Gov. Edgar support immigration reform

Big names in Illinois politics are speaking out in favor of immigration reform Dick Durbin This Saturday Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin led a rally outside Teamster City in Chicago. He also wrote an op-ed  in the Chicago Tribune Friday supporting the DREAM Act, which would offer legalization to undocumented youth brought here by their parents.... Read more »

Health care, immigration reform and a day of protest

On Sunday, tens of thousands of people, perhaps more than 100,000 will march on Washington, D.C. for immigration reform. With them will be 120 busloads and 40 vans full of people from Illinois, an estimated 8,000 people traveling to the nation’s capitol to tell President Obama and Congress that we need to pass immigration reform.... Read more »

Chicagoans march for immigration reform

For some reason, when conservatives protest they grab bigger headlines then when liberals protest. Case in point, the Tea Party protesters have garnered all sorts of national attention. So what do supporters of immigration reform have to do to grab headlines? There will be a march in Chicago this Wednesday where some undocumented youth will... Read more »

Immigration an afterthought in Obama's State of the Union speech

President Obama only made a cursory reference to immigration in his State of the Union speech last night. He dedicated 37 words of the 70-minute speech to immigration. “And we should continue the work of fixing our broken immigration system — to secure our borders, enforce our laws and ensure that everyone who plays by... Read more »

Interview with Rigo Padilla

Rigo Padilla was riding the Pink Line train when he got a phone call from his lawyer that immigration officials would allow him to stay in the United States. “I was hopeful this would happen. I tried to remain positive and just focus on school,” said Padilla shortly after he got the good news from... Read more »