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Olympics 2012: Mexico outfits at Opening Ceremony #FAIL???

Olympics 2012: Mexico outfits at Opening Ceremony #FAIL???
People tend to be patriotic during the Olympics. The outfits the Mexican national team wore during the Opening Ceremony were widely criticized. They were very colorful and used some of the traditional patterns worn by the indigenous of Mexico. But they were designed in bright neon pink, green and orange. They took traditional designs and... Read more »

I want to make Mondo a Project Runway winner. Let's give him $100,000.

So by writing this I’m admitting to a guilty pleasure. I love watching “Project Runway.“ Mondo Guerra from lifetime.com I’ve been following the fashion design show on Lifetime all season and rooting for  Mexican-American designer, Mondo Guerra, 32, of Denver. I can’t believe he didn’t win on the season finale Thursday night. I don’t want... Read more »

MAC Rodarte makeup named for Juarez is not pretty

M.A.C Rodarte ad for new makeup line I don’t know any woman who would want to wear a nail polish named after the border city of Juarez. Or what about makeup named “factory,” “Ghost Town” and “del Norte?” Fashion bloggers like The Frisky first started buzzing about this controversial new makeup line by fashion label... Read more »