Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Quinn rally for immigration reform

Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Quinn rally for immigration reform

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn  and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke out in favor of immigration reform.

They attended an immigration rally with religious and labor leaders Saturday at Union Park.

“This is an issue for all Americans,” the governor said according to the Chicago Tribune. “This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an issue about people, real people, everyday people who come together and work hard and raise families. They want immigration reform, and they want a vote, that’s what democracy is all about.”

Mayor Emanuel added: “It is time for Washington to act. We can’t let this government shutdown take the oxygen out of the room for us to get this legislation done.”

There were marches Saturday in Chicago and other U.S. cities, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Another rally by immigrant rights activists and labor unions will take place on October 12.

The march will begin at noon Saturday at Teamster City, 1645 W. Jackson, and travel to Federal Plaza, where there will be a rally at 3 p.m.

Federal immigration reform has been slow moving and the government shutdown isn’t making it any easier.

Last week, House Democrats frustrated by the lack of movement from Republicans, put forth their own immigration proposal.

The House Democratic plan is very similar to what the U.S. Senate passed in the summer. But it isn’t likely to garner much Republican support.

But Democrats put forth a bill to show supporters of immigrant rights and the Latino community that they are still pushing for the legislation.

It’s unfortunate that gridlock has shut down the government as immigration reform is one of the few issues that has rallied bipartisan support.

It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to start working together. Passing immigration reform would show the American public that maybe they can get something done.

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