Mitt Romney argues self-deport or join the military

Mitt Romney argues self-deport or join the military
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney had two estúpido ideas in Monday night’s debate.

1) Undocumented immigrants should self-deport.

2) Support the DREAM Act only for students who will risk their lives in the military, not for students who go to college.

The first idea is quite absurd. Self-deport?!?

It’s actually a comedic idea created by political cartoonist and satirist Lalo Alcaraz who created a faux character Daniel D. Portado more than 15 years ago. He went on television and radio shows like This American Life arguing that immigrants self-deport.  You also can follow him at @DanielDPortado.

His Twitter bio reads: “Noted Hispanic Self-Deportationist. Will do anything including deporting myself to support the anti-immigrant policies of the GOP. And I’m an immigrant!”

During the debate, Romney was mocked on Twitter for talking about self-deportation.

The idea that people from Mexico can go home and then get in line is oversimplistic. This is because the waiting lines are 15 to 25 years for many people Mexico.

If an immigrant agrees to go back after an immigration arrest, the act is called a voluntary departure.

Romney who once said he was completely against the DREAM Act now said he agrees with Newt Gingrich and favors the military part of it.

The DREAM Act is proposed legislation that has languished for almost 10 years that would grant legal status to undocumented youth brought here as minors, who complete two years of college or military service, and have good moral character.

The rationale is that these youth have grown up here, speak the language and can contribute to the United States. They also should not be blamed for their immigration status since they came here as children.

Now Romney said he would find a way to legalize those youth who want to go into the military. So he is saying if they are willing to die for the United States, they should be able to earn a green card.

But if they go to college and want to become a teacher, a policeman, a scientist or start their own business, Romney would deny them this opportunity.

It is wrong to send a message to youth that we want you to fight in our wars and we will reward you with a green card.

But if you want to make a difference in your own community, if you want to contribute and pay more in taxes than you would as an undocumented worker, then we say no. You must self-deport.

It’s even more ironic that Romney, whose own family once sought shelter in Mexico, would deny immigrant youth the same opportunity that Mexico gave his family.

If an immigrant youth decided of his or own free will to join the military, then he or she should be able to gain legal residency.

But those same youth who go to college and will contribute to the United States should also be able to gain legal residency.

The idea that the DREAM Act youth, or any undocumented immigrant, would self-deport is absurd.

Don’t expect the Republican candidates to gain much support from Latino voters with these nonsensical policies.

Maybe Romney is the one who should self-deport. I’m sure Mexico would take him.


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    If you want to keep paying out your hard earned money in feeding, medicating, housing and overpopulating the penal system, just keep on ignoring the obvious. Try as they may—Illegal Immigration isn’t just a south of the US border issue; it is from every corner of the world they come? A major majority of the legal Hispanic genealogy family history goes back hundreds of years. Their indigenous peoples have become the scapegoat for every illegal alien and the Democrats have built on that situation? Both political parties have been pampering illegal aliens, especially the pregnant Mothers for decades, who smuggle their unborn babies through an undermanned, poorly constructed border fence. Every day you are subsidizing migrants and immigrants who are already versed on the entitlement nation called the United States. As soon as they apply they receive free pre-natal care and later schooling through K-12, with all the welfare, that the parents live off these entitlements. Same with so-called Guest worker farming families who the taxpayer once again is exploited by the business owners, who take their sick laborers to the emergency room and other family members? The American taxpayer also pays for their children’s education and other welfare benefits that Americans are held accountable through taxation.

    This is America’s future if voters don’t orally storm the fortress Congress and speak up for your fellow jobless workers, which are being exploited by nationwide company owners as they hire illegal aliens. Billions of dollars are extorted from you payroll check, that encourages even more people to scorn our immigration laws, bringing their poverty with them; adding to even more countrywide poverty. Neither the democrats and the ultra Left or the Republicans seem to have any sense of loyalty to “We the People” From now until the 2012 election many of these indifferent lawmakers, will be dismissed from office as the American public are riled? They will be replaced by TEA PARTY CONSTITUTIONALISTS, as we have already seen in the previous midterm elections. The very core of our Constitution is under serious attack, by the White House and the Liberal Progressive Czars. They are blocking through regulations the Canadian KeyStone XL pipeline and even undermining through presidential executive order the deportation of foreign nationals, with no detainment.

    ‘The Legal Workforce Act ‘commonly known as Mandatory E-Verify. This computer generated program allows the business owner to detect the majority of the illegal aliens already hired and reject them from the job market or suffer harsh sanctions that does not exclude prison time. This is ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT and SELF-DEPORTATION. No job-they are going home. Plus “The Birthright Citizenship Act” to stop the inducement of bringing unborn infants into the country, that provides free welfare, education and health care.. The legal public group called Judicial Watch is digging out the corruption in Washington DC, and have revealed allegations of voter fraud, to cement votes for the resident president by illegal means in our already compromised election system. Go to for all the information.

    Why should the states of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah be terrorized by the Department of Justice morons and the Obama Liberal Czars over the policing policy to decline the illegal alien invaders, when in actual fact numerous administrations are to blame for this abuse of the States and handing out free welfare.

    BE WARNED THAT NON-CITIZENS HAVE BEEN VOTING AND CERTAINLY WILL AGAIN IN FUTURE ELECTIONS ESPECIALLY SINCE THE ACORN ORGANIZATION HAS APPEARED AGAIN UNDER ASSUMED NAMES THAT INCLUDE “PROJECT VOTE.” Every voter should possess official picture ID to vote? Become acquainted NumbersUSA and learn about the billions of dollars taken from taxpayers in unfunded mandates by pandering to illegal aliens. ONLY U.S. VOTERS CAN SAVE JOBS FOR THEMSELVES AND THE 22 MILLION CITIZENS AND LAWFUL RESIDENTS WITH “Green Cards.”

    Nobody is talking?
    At the debates and Caucuses, some patriotic American should ask Gingrich, Romney, Santorum or Paul about this disgusting chaos, which has badly damaged the real estate industry for many years to come. A cousin of mine in California went to a tax meeting the other night and the discussion that came across, was the crash of real estate that was a question that neither political upper echelon wants to talk about? The “Bull in the China shop syndrome” cannot even describe the epitome monstrous run on Foreclosures. You must judge for yourself and trust your own opinion that illegal aliens must carry the financial impact of this insurmountable problem?

    The truth is being kept locked up mostly by the Liberal news media. No bank, Mortgage Company wants to be associated with this mess, which even now is unresolved? The foreclosure mess was implemented by the illegal alien occupation in the form of NINA loans, were poor foreign nationals were able to purchase homes without any financial credit profile; no credit, no secured buying power. Although the problem was additionally magnified, it was government and its political hacks that threatened banks, if they didn’t loan to low income persons. (Google “NINA” loans and add term fraud”); you will be amazed of the many reports on this subject, that the politicians do not want you to see?

    Can you even comprehend lending money to people with no income? Not even a decent well paying job, receiving $200.000 to $500.000 loans to buy homes and at the same time, living with illegal parents living foothold infants collecting food stamps? This happened throughout America and amazingly renting out the property and placing other illegal alien families, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars and even having the impudence to default on the mortgages. You know what happened when “You know what” hit the fan and the whole home-ownership system collapsed. The original mortgage owners disappeared no even bothering to pay the electricity, gas, trash and other bill, vanishing as they did with copious amounts of cash to their countries of origin. Billions of dollars vanished leaving county governments intimidating banks, to clean up swimming pools, trash and damaged properties. Hundreds of lawful scroungers with cash brought these homes and took advantage of this crazy fiasco and that why the real truth is being concealed. Then you will be wondering why your taxes are skyrocketing as the real betrayer’s of this massive scam escaped prosecution.

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