Illinois politician proposes anti-immigrant law like Arizona's

Illinois is not Arizona.


Rep. Randy Ramey

Can someone tell that to Illinois State Rep. Randy Ramey who represents the area around suburban West Chicago?

Ramey has proposed anti-immigrant legislation the likes of what passed in Arizona.

The bill, HB 1969, states that police can ask about a person’s immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion” that person is undocumented.

What is reasonable suspicion?

An accent? A cowboy hat? The color of someone’s skin?

It’s just plain and simple racial profiling.

What’s frightening is how many states have introduced immigration-related legislation. The amount has increased nearly fivefold in since 2005, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). You can link to a media analysis I wrote for the Maynard Institute here.

According to the NCSL, in 2005, 300 bills were introduced, 39 laws were enacted and six were vetoed

In 2010, more than 1,400 bills were introduced, 208 laws were enacted, 10 were vetoed, and 138 resolutions were adopted for a total of 346. 

The states are wildly proposing laws because our federal government has failed to act on immigration reform.

The problem is most of these laws will be watered down, like the one in Arizona, or  will be eventually thrown out in court when they are found to be unconstitutional.

All they wind up doing is stirring ethnic divisions.

There is one key difference between Illinois and Arizona. Our leading politicians don’t exploit immigrants.

The mayor of Chicago to the governor of the state know they won’t gain any political points by scapegoating immigrants. We also have a vocal Latino caucus in the state legislature and community organizations that won’t stand for such political ploys.

I fully expect the Illinois anti-immigration bill to die in committee.

And expect Rep. Ramey to see a backlash next time he runs for office.

Until Congress addresses comprehensive immigration reform, we can expect more states to go the way of Arizona.


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  • "Give me your tired, your poor"--except now the tired and poor are draining the financial safety-net for US citizens and Residents? Except back at the time of an active Ellis Island there was no welfare and their was no need for immigration restrictions. Hey! But Utah is open to occupation as they have just passed a law, to bring in Guest Workers from another corrupt province south of the border. So all those illegal aliens that are dismayed with the State of Arizona policing laws, are leaving and going elsewhere? MANY STATES THAT HAS NO EFFECTIVE POLICING LAWS will also become an unaware target. Conversely, those States who are mandating the federal E-Verify computer data-bases operated by the Social Security and (ICE) Immigration and Custom Services to qualify true US workers will not be swamped with foreigners.

    Most States never hear the truth of the illegal alien importation, as the politicians are in collusion with businesses and other special interest. The Leftist press never reveals any of the facts about the assault on our traditions and society, using the race card if we make waves. If we offer negative dialogues about the invasion we are labeled bigots. While all the time "tired and poor" Americans are being crippled by higher taxes, to pay for the education, medical care and a other public programs. Now foreign nationals can skedaddle over to Utah as the Legislators are welcoming them. If they don't fancy Utah, the Sanctuary State of California still has a wide open welfare system, so they can start feeding off the taxpayers there. All these people need is a bogus Social Security number and Drivers license to collect hand-full

  • In reply to Carracticus:

    AMEN to everything that you have said. Utah is making their biggets mistake ever. Billions of Mexicans will come through and flood that state with crimes,drinking and driving,throwing beer cans all over, peeing on the streets,looking for troubles on the streets and some gangs will be forming on the streets.BIG MISTAKE,BIG MISTAKE!

  • Try living in a suburb that is over run with large numbers of immigrants. Living many to a household but still spending more money on trucks and stereos. Ask a "neighbor" to turn it down or stop leaving beer bottle behind your garage and get No English. Rude, some are hardworking but some just want to be mexican where there is money. Know how to use the system. Get all the benefits for their kids. By the way what does it cost to print everything in spanish? I like the sign in the grocery store mexican food in both languages, they can't read their own labels? Can't tell from the picture it's beans? To many of anyone is not integration into society.

  • In reply to JohnC:

    Listen I'M hispanic and I used to live in a little town call West new york,New Jersey. And it used to be so peace and clean. By 2004 I saw one Mexican in town and I was schocked. Because I thought that immigration was very strict. Now there are about 2 millions of them. And ever since I HAD TO MOVED to Florida. And I'm loving it. I'm backing up Arizona's laws.I'm a very big supporter of it. Now May 1,2011 . The Mexicans are going to protest against deportations and against the senator of Arizona hoping that they can get him out. AMAZING!

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