Sonia Sotomayor is on the cover of Latina magazine

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is on the cover of Latina magazine.


Cover photo by Platon.

Latina magazine Editor-in-Chief Mimi Valdés Ryan recently visited Columbia College Chicago, where I’m an assistant journalism professor. She spoke to students and also briefly about the reaction to the “wise Latina” comment that almost derailed Sotomayor’s nomination.

“We all understood what she meant by that phrase. It wasn’t something that was meant to put down people that weren’t Latina….She was just talking about the diversity of her experiences and how that helps her see the world,” Valdés said.

So Latina decided to make T-shirts to turn that phrase into a positive.

“A wise Latina is a beautiful thing. It’ s not something that should be looked down upon,” Valdés said.

You can read excerpts of the story about Justice Sotomayor by Sandra Guzman on Latina’s Web site.

Now Guzman didn’t actually get a sit-down interview with Justice Sotomayor, who hasn’t given one to any magazine.

But Guzman, the former editor-in-chief of Latina, knows Justice Sotomayor. She put together a story based on that shared history, including dinners they’ve had together since Guzman first wrote about the judge 10 years ago.

It’s worth picking up the magazine on the newsstands this week to see the elegant portrait of Justice Sotomayor in her judicial robe shot by a photographer named Platon.


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  • A wise Latina is a beautiful thing.

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