Michael Helfand has been an attorney in Illinois since 1997.  Since 2001 he has run Illinoislawyers.com which is a free service for people who are looking for Illinois attorneys or legal guidance.

Michael is unique in that he is a lawyer who doesn't want to represent you.  Rather he provides blunt, honest advice about whatever your legal situation is.  He answers questions and points those who contact him in the right direction.

With his Chicagonow.com blog, Michael is going to bring his plain English, refreshing points of view to our community.  He writes about matters that are relevant to those in the Chicago area.  As you read his entries you will see that he does not talk like a stereo-typical stuffed shirt attorney.  Instead he writes in the same way he talks to his friends: approachable, honest and to the point.

If you have questions about his posts or any Illinois legal issue that you would like to comment on just let him know.