Where You Can Find My Blog Now

First things first, if you want to read my blog posts now, I have a new blog site, Illinois Attorneys Blog.  Well, it’s probably new to you, but I’ve been writing it for a while without promotion.

I’m not blogging here anymore for a few reasons.  The biggest is that they took away the stipend for writers earlier in the year. It was only $50 a month and realistically the money didn’t make a difference in my life. That said, I advise others not to work for free and would be hypocritical if I agreed to continue writing without compensation.  The Tribune is a huge media company and while I admire them giving a platform for writers, they monetize that platform but don’t share it with the writers any more.

So unless the urge strikes me or I have something to write about that would only make sense here, I won’t be doing it any more. If you have any legal questions you can reach me for free through www.illinoislawyers.com or by phone at 312-346-5320.




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  • Best Wishes on your new blog. I enjoyed reading whatever you posted. $50 a month? I never saw a penny.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Yes, some bloggers did get paid, if they had enough subscribers or ad traffic...I never got paid either.

  • Yes, there is much to think about in what you say regarding compensation and writing. Your posts have always been interesting. Best wishes on your new blog!

  • I like this

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