If Mark Anthony Conditt, The Austin Bomber, Wasn't White

If Mark Anthony Conditt, The Austin Bomber, Wasn't White

The Austin bomber has been thankfully identified due to some great police work.  He blew himself up earlier today and died.  He was a 24 year old white guy.

Had he been a Muslim you can bet that he would have been described as a terrorist.

Had he been African-American you can be that he would be called a thug or a gang banger or just a criminal.

Had he been Mexican the President would probably call him a bad hombre.

If he had been Jewish we’d hear a lot of talk about what’s wrong with Jews.

If he was liberal (based on his writings against same sex marriage and abortion I’m going to safely assume he wasn’t) then the talk would be about Antifa.

If he was Hindu he’d be described as a Muslim terrorist.

If he was Russian people would deny the Russians had anything to do with it.

If her was a woman, he’d be, wait, women don’t commit these types of mass killings.

But because he’s an American white guy, you can be that he will be described as disturbed or mentally ill and in the coming days as a motivation is looked for, people will blame others that weren’t nice to him or didn’t see the warning signs.


And so it begins, “The suspect was a quiet, nerdy young man who came from a tight knit, godly family.” Imagine if we described a 9-11 attacker as a nerdy kid who loved airplanes and came from a tight knit, godly family.


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    There's an elephant in the room that makes the hackneyed 'POC unfairly labeled as terrorists' argument absurd. Every year over 2000 people are killed in gang related homicides. The offenders are almost exclusively brown. What a perfect opportunity to use the terrorist label. But no. It's never brought up. And that's not even hypothetical. Just the truth.

  • In reply to Will Ledger:

    whatabouism does not apply to street homicides where often victims knows the offender. If you want to play that game then we run down the rabbit hole of including white-on-white violence into your stat. This is terrorism, this is random acts of violence with the intention of terrorizing the public for whatever this white terrorist goals are.

    As for your strawman argument, say it with me in your non-pc world..This is WHITE Terrorism. The thing is, no rational person would blame the entire race of white people for this. If you want to call it what it is, it's White Terrorism. How does it make you feel?

    And i'll make it a bit painful statement for you. If people on your side stop shooting up churches and schools and stop terrorizing the public, maybe, just maybe you can win an election or two.

  • WTF is a godly family? Don't most psychos, rapist, serial killers and jihadists come from "godly families?"

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    Are you ignoring the fact that nearly all mass shooters are jewish?

  • In reply to Yooyo Ningnog:

    Yes because that's not true

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