A Better Way To Do Law School

A Better Way To Do Law School

When I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living.  I only applied to law school after my senior year roommate told me he was doing the same because a law degree gives you many professional options.  Delaying the inevitable sounded good to me.

Some people have their act together way more than I do and know what they want to do with their life early on.  They could know at 18 that they want to be a lawyer, but still have to spend seven expensive years in school to make that happen. Now that can be reduced to six slightly less expensive years.

Three + three, a law school program is now recognized by all states according the American Bar Association. Ohio was the last state to jump on board. Three plus three allows students to begin their law school career while still working on their bachelor’s degree. This allows them to graduate from law school in six years instead of the 7 years previously required. Students can begin to learn what it is like to be an attorney as soon as their freshman year in college.

This program has many benefits to the students and to the future of law practice. One of the most important benefits is that it produces more prepared attorneys entering into the legal arena. It also allows those students to save the last $30,000 or more in tuition for that 7th year, students are allowed to participate in all of their normal extracurricular activities during their overlap year, and they walk at under graduate graduation with all of their friends.

The most important benefit for the students is that they have the option of flexibility. Students do not have to decide if they want to be in law school and apply until their Junior year in college. Should they decide that law is not the field they really want to be in, they have the option to finish their undergrad in any other field without the time wasted. With programs like pre-med for instance, if the student decides to go into another field, there’s no way the years of being in medical classes will do them no good. However, if the student is motivated and finishes the 3+3 program, it puts them into their own life away from college that much quicker. If the student completes the program and moves into a job right away as designed, not only is the student saving the tuition money, they are also earning money sooner.  All in all the 3 plus 3 programs popping up at colleges nationwide are a huge benefit to those motivated students who are eager and ready to take on the legal arena.

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  • Is that original 7 years undergrad + 3 years of law school?

  • yes

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    This is such a nice information for the students thanks for sharing.

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