If Donald Trump Were Black

If Donald Trump Were Black

One of the things I have admired about President and Michelle Obama has been how they’ve handled the pressure of being the Jackie Robinson of the White House.  When Robinson broke the MLB color barrier, if he acted like his opponents and some of the racist fans he encountered, it would have harmed the efforts of future African Americans to get in the game.  The Obamas, whether or not you agree with their politics, have shown true grace and class even as they have dealt with some disrespect that no previous commander in chief has faced.

Donald Trump acts in a way like no major politician has before in the past.  He gets away with it because he’s branded himself this way and some people like that he “speaks his mind” or “isn’t politically correct” no matter that his words often show no grace, class or decency.

Had President Obama acted like Trump, not only would he have had no chance at winning, he wouldn’t have ever been in the conversation.  Imagine an African American candidate who had the following issues:

Five kids from three wives.  He’d be portrayed as symbolic of the problems that plague the African American community.

Not around much to raise the kids. He’d be slammed for being a poor role model for other fathers.

Saying America isn’t great. He’d get hammered as not patriotic.

Terrible grammar. Imagine the rhetoric about the lack of education in his community.  I’m sure we’d be hearing about Ebonics.

Calls for violence against protestors. The candidate would be labeled as a thug.

Flip flopping. Trump in recent years has been pro choice, for gun control and for universal health care among other things he’s changed his mind on. If that was Obama he’d have been seen as flaky and not authentic.

Racist. I’ve heard some people blame Obama for racial division when he speaks out against unarmed blacks being shot.  Imagine if he was using the same words as Trump does with Mexicans and Muslims.

Against Firemen Imagine the uproar if Obama or another black candidate railed against fire marshals.  The unions would be picketing him.

Traitor Trump asked Russia to get involved in the campaign and his campaign manager is being accused of taking millions in cash payments from them. Obama would have never been elected if this happened to him and if it was while he was in office, he’d have been impeached.

And if Michelle Obama, like Melania Trump, appeared to be in this country illegally or had previously posed nude, the horror that would come from those who would be clutching their pearls in shock and disappointment would have been enough to end any Obama candidacy.

Somehow these things don’t harm Trump.  At least not enough to put him this close to the Oval Office.  Yet some will tell you that there is no such thing as white privilege in America.

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  • It's the hypocrisy of small minded people. They see only what they want to see. Everything President Obama does is wrong and he gets blamed for everything that came before him and everything that is wrong with the entire world. Like Mr. Idiot Mayor (Guiliani) said, there were no terrorist attacks before Obama took office. His other idiot surrogate (Katrina Pierson) said Obama took us into Afghanistan. They live in a fact free zone, so it doesn't matter what Don the Con says, he is whoever they want him to be, just like their fairy godmothers.

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