DeRay Mckesson Only Likes Chocolate Ice Cream

Lost in the hub bub of DeRay Mckesson and other Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters getting arrested for standing in the street were the controversial comments by Mckesson when he was asked right before the arrest what seemed like a soft ball question from Fox News commentator Sean Hannity.

Here is a transcript:

Hannity: DeRay, what is your favorite ice cream.

Mckesson: I like chocolate, it’s my favorite.

Hannity: Chocolate????  Why do you hate vanilla, mint chip and strawberry?

Mckesson: I don’t, those are good flavors too.

Hannity: Then why did you announce that you like chocolate and not those other flavors? Doesn’t that show you are against vanilla, mint chip and strawberry?

Mckesson: Uhm, no, I like those too.  I support those too, but chocolate is my favorite and the one that I’m talking about.  There are plenty of people who talk about those other flavors.  I can like one flavor and look out for that flavor while still supporting those other flavors.

Hannity: Then why didn’t you say that you like all flavors?

McKesson: Does saying that I like chocolate mean that I think those other flavors don’t matter?

Hannity: Answer the question! Do you just like chocolate or all the flavors?

Mckesson: So I can’t declare my support for chocolate without saying the other flavors taste good too?

Hannity: It sounds to me and everyone I know that you only like chocolate. If you only talk about chocolate then you are saying the other flavors aren’t important too.

Mckesson: I’ve said I like those flavors, but to me right now I want to talk about chocolate.

Hannity: If you aren’t mentioning your support of those flavors every time then you implicitly are against them and I’m sure if a pint of chocolate, vanilla and mint chip was on the counter and the freezer only had room for one of them, you’d let the vanilla and mint chip melt.

Mckesson: That doesn’t even make sense.

Hannity: Doesn’t it?

Mckesson: Listen. For the last time. I like chocolate.  That’s the flavor I’m talking about right now. I have nothing against vanilla, mint chip, rocky road, strawberry and cookies and cream.

Hannity: Your friends don’t feel that way certainly.  Their actions and cheers for chocolate show that they only care about chocolate.

Mckesson: Listen, we care about all the ice cream flavors.  I like gelato and sherbet too. Rainbow sherbet is my favorite.

Hannity:  Rainbow sherbet?? Are you gay?

With that they went to break. The following segment I don’t have a transcript for, but in it, Hannity argued with a BLM protester who was wearing a “Save The Whales” t-shirt and asked why that protester was OK if all other fish die. Later in the show Hannity switched gears and yelled at a BLM protester who late last year said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

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