If you are anti-gay, sing it proud!

If you are anti-gay, sing it proud!












I have friends whose grandparents were living in Germany during World War II and not in concentration camps.  My friends are lovely people, but being a Jew, I can’t help but wonder if 70 years ago their relatives sat idly by as some of my distant relatives were killed in concentration camps.  They would of course never admit to being happy with that happening if you were to ask them today.

Growing up in the lily white north shore (seriously, my high school had just one African-American student the whole time I was there and people thought he was in a gang!), I heard the n word and didn’t really understand it or know much about it.  I’m sure if I talked to those same people today they would never admit any of their prejudice, but looking back there were certainly a lot of racist people.  It may have been fear of the unknown or may have been true racism, but whatever it was, it was overt.

That’s what is so great about the internet.  Once you put it out there, it’s out there forever.  You might evolve in your bigoted opinions, but you can’t deny what you did or said.  I have a vivid memory of driving to Zion as a kid for a soccer game and seeing a “No Jews Allowed” sign on the side of the road.  The sign is now gone, but if it was on a website or Facebook posting it would be there forever.  That’s a good thing.

I bring this up after seeing what is going on in Arizona’s legislature.  That state is the playground of stupid politics.  They fought against making MLK Day a holiday.  They tried to make it so cops could stop anyone that didn’t look right and ask for papers.  And now those geniuses want to make it legal for a business to not serve anyone who is gay if doing so would violate the practice of one’s religion.

Think about that.  The law doesn’t say a priest doesn’t have to marry a same sex couple if he doesn’t want to (by the way, when are we going to see a sex discrimination suit against the Catholic Church for not letting women be priests?).  It says that a public business can refuse services to gay people if they want.  Sounds like Jim Crow laws all over again.

Imagine a store owner saying they weren’t going to serve blacks dinner because it violates their religious beliefs?  What religion says that?  None, just as no religion says you can’t interact with someone who happens to be gay.  You aren’t being made to have gay sex or even approve of a “gay lifestyle” or whatever boogeyman on the thought exists in your head.  You just have to treat them like any other customer of yours.  If they start blowing each at the table of your restaurant, you can have them arrested if you want and kicked out of your establishment, just like you could a hetero couple.  If you make wedding cakes, you don’t have to offer groom-groom cake toppers, but you still have to make and sell the cake.  Is that really objectionable to anyone’s religion?  Would it be ok if someone said it’s against their religion to serve Christians?  Of course not.  But apparently Arizona hasn’t learned from our terrible history as a nation that placing limits on certain groups based on personal traits is the wrong thing to do.

There was an amendment proposed to this bill that would have required any business that wants to take advantage of this law to post something at their entrance stating that they are electing to not serve gays based on religious beliefs.  That amendment was shot down.  Why?  If you truly believe in a certain religion to the point that even having a gay person in your store would offend your beliefs, then why are you ashamed of your religion?  You shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.   If not, then what is the point of this law even existing.  Shouldn’t gays, in the very least, know who will be offended by their presence?  It’s no different than the anonymous NFL GM’s who said their team wouldn’t draft Michael Sam, not because they personally have a problem with it, but because they worry about their locker room of grown men having a problem with it (even though somehow the Missouri locker room of 18-22 year olds did just fine with him as a teammate).

This is why I have respect for the bigots on comment boards that will say how they really feel.  Most of them are trolls, but some of them will use their real Facebook page to comment on a story.  It puts it out to the world what their opinions are.  They may be vile or objectionable, but at least they own up to it.

So if you are offended by gays because of your religion or because you think you are so hot and don’t want any of them to have sex with you or anything else, don’t be like the State of Arizona.  Don’t be ashamed.  Sing it proud.  Let people know how you really feel.  And if you have a problem doing that, then just let people who aren’t interfering with your life enjoy theirs.

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