Stupid is as stupid does

Stupid is as stupid does












With the advance of social media, it’s been shocking (or maybe not) to see how many people have screwed up their legal cases by doing something stupid on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any of these other time wasters.  The worst are the kids that beat someone up, film it and then post it somewhere for everyone to see how tough they are.  They might as well where a billboard that says, “I’m an idiot, please arrest me.”

It’s common for divorces too.  Cheating is legally irrelevant for the most part, but if you deny wasting marital funds on your fling and then post pictures of the two of you sitting in first class on your way to Europe, you are going to hurt your case.  Same is true for the injured worker who is telling his doctor he can barely walk and then brags about his bowling success on social media.  If you put it out there, anyone can see it and you’ll likely get busted.

The latest Darwin award winner is a downstate attorney who apparently posted evidentiary video of an undercover drug by relating to one of his clients after the video was turned over by prosecutors.  He did so without apparently getting the approval of his client and alleged that the cops were planting drugs on people.  Upon further review he discovered that he didn’t review the videos close enough and saw that he posted something that shows his client was guilty.  As a result he told his client to accept a plea bargain.

The State licensing board has recommended that he lose his law license for five months for making false allegations against the police.  His comments were seen to bring a whole negative light to the process and legal profession.

For whatever reason, some people don’t grasp that Facebook and the others are part of real life.  People talk in a way that they’d never do so in their normal life and act in that way too.  I’m guessing this lawyer would never wildly make these statements about the police to their faces.  But on social media it can have the feel that it’s just your inner circle and it doesn’t really matter.  It does matter and there are consequences.

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