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Five things to do every time you post a blog entry

Five things to do every time you post a blog entry
You’ve toiled, you’ve slaved, you may have even cried. After all that work, your blog post is written. All that’s left now is to figure out how to get your hard work noticed. After all, you can write the best blog post in the world, but if you screw up the after-writing, it may not... Read more »

Bloggers Wanted

At ChicagoNow, we’re always looking for new bloggers to add to our network. If you have a blog to suggest, please email us at staff@chicagonow.com. For us, a great blog is:     * Chicagoland-centric    * Focused around a specific topic or topics    * Written in a strong and unique voice    * Updated at least every... Read more »

Breaking Tweets happy to join ChicagoNow

More and more often, when news breaks, it breaks on Twitter. And Twitter without fail is a place to find immediate reaction to news stories around the world. I noticed these trends when I founded Breaking Tweets, “World News, Twitter-Stlye,” in late January. The site consists of editors who sift through hundreds of tweets daily... Read more »