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Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Talking amongst ourselves

A few weeks ago, after watching this tremendous interview between ChicagoNow bloggers Nikki Knepper and Candace Jordan, I asked the CN community of bloggers if they might like to get in on the fun. The response was pretty overwhelming, and the results are below. The exercise was entirely optional, but I asked everyone who participated to... Read more »

Gmail and the "promotions" problem

Those of you that have Gmail already know that Google has begun dividing up your emails into three different in-boxes: primary, social, and promotions. But do you know where your emails to your subscribers land? A few tests on our end have seen our emails landing in the dreaded “promotions” in-box, which most people check... Read more »

In class with Candid Candace

Candace Jordan poses with DePaul journalism students. Candace Jordan, who blogs at Candid Candace here on ChicagoNow, spoke with my students at DePaul University last night. The class, titled “Managing Digital Communities,” is a combined undergraduate and graduate journalism class. Together 20 students are managing neighborhood blogs for Chicago’s Old Town and Gold Coast neighborhoods.... Read more »

CTA Tattler's Kevin O'Neil shares blogging tips

We’re reinventing the ChicagoNow staff blog, and our first new feature is a weekly Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger. We’ll talk with our best bloggers about what makes a good post, what keeps them blogging and what advice they have for new bloggers. For our first Q&A, I talked with Kevin O’Neil who runs the... Read more »