About Us

We are a hard-working crew of journalists, social media strategists and web developers who wanted a new kind of homepage for Chicago. We're always looking for new blogs and new ideas for ChicagoNow.  Got one--or five--to suggest? Email us at staff@chicagonow.com.

 And here's a bit more about us.

Bill Adee, Blog Scout

In his spare time, Bill is the Vice-President/Digital Stuff for the Chicago Tribune. Bill feels fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and dedicated people on this project. He also would like to thank Chicago's online community of bloggers, Twitterati and influencers for their ideas and support. Bill doesn't drive and he drinks way too much coffee. You can follow him via @bill80.

Clark Bender, Operations & Development

Clark's been developing web projects since the 90's and he's currently the Deputy Editor/Digital Media for the Chicago Tribune. These days he spends most of his time with ChicagoNow and he thinks it's one of the most promising and exciting projects he's had a chance to work on. Clark originally hails from Iowa and has a background in film and TV and a degree in Semiotics, whatever that is. He doesn't actually own a cowboy hat. You can follow him via @ceebeedee.

Jimmy Greenfield, Community Manager
Jimmy always writes in the third person. But I don't. You can follow him via @jcgreenx

Ryan Nagle, Designer

Ryan is an interactive designer. Along with Steph and Craig, he is responsible for creating a unique look for each of the Chicago Now bloggers' blogs. Ryan eats PB&J nearly everyday, doesn't drink alcohol and is a computer hardware junkie.