6 Chicago pizza places make The Daily Meal's '101 of the best pizzas across America for 2020' list

METHODOLOGY | Delicious slices and pies are being cooked up all across America, so this ranking takes special care to highlight pizzerias from all parts of the country, as well as female- and Black-owned businesses. This list is focused on smaller establishments and local favorites that may have found success branching out to a few locations. To find them, The Daily Meal used internal expertise, scoured Yelp and other review sites, looked at coverage by local journalists and gathered suggestions from readers. Although they’re each special in their own ways, the following pizzas have many of the qualities you’d expect in an above-standard pie: saucy, cheesy slices of heaven with a doughy-yet-crispy crust and a nice flop; along with a respectable amount of grease — just enough to get the job done. Some have basic-but-essential ingredients like pepperoni and house-made sausage, while others venture outside the box with creative-yet-functional toppings.

Take a look at all 101 pizza places below, including the six from Illinois that made the list.

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