3 Chicago area wing spots make The Daily Meal’s ‘America's Best Buffalo Wings’ list

The Daily Meal canvassed the country for the best bars and restaurants to serve wings that are beloved by both locals and in-the-know tourists. The Daily Meal combed through review sites and existing rankings to find wings that met their criteria: a perfect Buffalo wing is one that’s crispy on the outside (even after spending some time on a plate) while remaining juicy on the inside, and completely coated in sauce but not bogged down by it. Speaking of the sauce, it needs to have the right balance of spice to butter without being overly greasy. It’s actually a lot harder than it appears to make a perfect Buffalo wing, but the bars and restaurants on this list have it down to a science.

Take a look at all 25 wing spots below, including the three from the Chicago area that made the list.

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