PHOTOS: A pop-up Lego bar made with one million bricks is coming to Chicago

Via press release:
How long has it been since you pulled out your old lego sets, rounded up your friends and sat around creating and crafting castles, ships and whatever else you can imagine? If you’ve been waiting for an excuse, or your parents have given away your once beloved blocks this new pop-up Lego bar might be just what you’re looking for.

The Brick Bar will consist of over one million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate nostalgia trip. The bar will feature sculptures made completely from lego bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJs spinning tunes all day.

The session will involve building competitions for prizes, a table tennis competition played on a Lego-built table with over 22,000 bricks, a wishing well and more. 

To register your interest sign up on the website.

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