What Chicago and 5 other US cities could have looked like

America has long been seen as a land of opportunity: for the nation’s architects, the cities have seemed like blank slates waiting to have an identity stamped upon them. But in the rush to stake a claim, not every voice is heard above the din – and many a big-dreaming designer or city planner has seen their blueprints consigned to history, hidden away with their structures unbuilt.

Among those unrealized buildings are some that were too ambitious, too avant-garde, or too controversial to construct. Thankfully, we have archives to remind us what could have been – in particular, The Library of Congress, which has recently made many such architecture and design images available to download.

We decided to use modern imaging techniques to show how 6 US cities would have looked today if their most exciting unrealized blueprints had made it off the page and into steel, glass, and concrete.

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