Want $9 million on Kickstarter? Build a better jacket. See Chicago’s top 10 funded projects.

Kickstarter welcomed its 15 millionth backer this summer, and since coming online nearly a decade ago, the crowdfunding platform has helped Chicago-area entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars and launch products now known worldwide.

Collectively, the area’s 10 most lucrative Kickstarter campaigns raised almost $19 million. There’s a card game built around rooting out fascism, a wristband precursor to the Apple Watch and a vessel for infusing cocktails.

The success of some Kickstarter campaigns shocked even their founders, but the product rollouts were rarely without conflict. There were manufacturing delays and copyright infringement battles. There was a lawsuit against pop singer Kesha, and at least one company went out of business. But for many creators, sales of the products are still going strong.

Here’s a look at Chicago’s 10 highest-funded Kickstarter campaigns.

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