Jay Cutler is back. And is himself as ever

Jay Cutler is back. And is himself as ever

In the debut episode of “Very Cavallari,” titled “I’m CEO, Bitch,” former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a starring role despite only his wife Kristin Cavallari’s name being in the title of the show.

With football seemingly in the rearview mirror, even though Cutler did not completely shut the door for a return to the NFL at the beginning of the show, Cavallari has much more going on in her life than her unemployed husband — most notably running her company Uncommon James in Nashville. The company, and its employees, are the focal point of the series.

For football fans, Cutler’s appearances are must see on the show, though. Take a look at some of the highlights, memes and reactions that were making their rounds on social media Sunday night.

On retirement

Moody Jay

Can’t be serious

Performing off the field

The Cutler haters were sure to be heard

More shots at Cutler

The legendary meme

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