Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the worst place to park in Chicago?

Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the worst place to park in Chicago?

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Where is the worst place to park in Chicago?

“Any place where there are theft meters.” — Peter V. Bella, Interesting Chicago

“Boystown, Wrigleyville, Lakeview. I used to live at Brompton and Broadway and it was the pits.” — Michelle Cahill, Mindful Chicago

“The worst place to park is Woodfield Mall at Christmas.” — Jessica Gardner, Little Merry Sunshine

“McCormick Place under Lakeside Center.” — Charles W Johnson, The Vociferous Envoy

“West Loop.” — Dion McGill, Reflections of a Chicago Life

“My kids’ daycare. The parking lot is truly the 10th Circle of Hell. It is located behind the building in the alley. There are about 10 spots but there are also three electrical poles scattered making it hard to maneuver in and out. Basically if a car parks next to you and the pole is on the other side, you are trapped until the other car leaves. They also have speed bump which makes it hard to turn into the spots, Also, whenever there is construction or traffic on the main street, you have a lot of people who use the alley has a by-pass.” — Michael Messinger, Mysteries of Life

“My first apartment after college was a block from [Brompton and Broadway]. It was so long ago that my rent for a nice one bedroom was $125/month. They wanted another $25 for parking and I said too much. I spent the next year looking for parking spaces on the street and digging my car out of the snow. When it was time to renew my lease and they said $35, I said thank you, thank you, thank you!!” — Howard Moore, I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes

“Frankly, anywhere you see DIVVY bikes. Otherwise, Milwaukee/Division/Ashland.” — Sabrina Nixon, Purple Reigns: How to Live a Full Life with Lupus

“Wicker Park and Southport Corridor are pretty bad.” — Ana Martin Sagredo, Foreign Affairs: Children Edition

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