Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the most beautiful place of worship in Chicago?

Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the most beautiful place of worship in Chicago?

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Where is the most beautiful place of worship in Chicago?

“Sherwin Beach in Rogers Park. You sit there and you look at the lake and you pray. I’ve nicknamed God Dr. Waters, and I don’t think He minds at all while I’m there. It can be very conversational and unstuffy.” — Mark Andel, Hot Dog Diaries

“Zen Buddhist Temple on Cornelia. I love Sunday morning meditation there. It’s wonderful.” — Michelle Cahill, Mindful Chicago

“Our Lady of Pompeii is one of the most beautiful churches. It is small and intimate and has beautiful glass and portraits of the saints and stations.” — Stephanie Esposito, Chicago Rucks

“Saint Margaret of Scotland at 99th just west of Vincennes.” — Charles W Johnson, The Vociferous Envoy

“I vote for my home church, Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. It has an education/office building behind it that’s 100 years younger than the sanctuary, which was built in 1912. We’re not going anywhere, despite being in the thick of life on North Michigan Avenue. The ceiling of the sanctuary (main worship space) is made up of canvases painted in 1914 by Frederick Clay Bartlett, who donated his art collection to the Art Institute of Chicago in memory of his wife. That collection includes Seurat’s ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte — 1884,’ but to me, the ceiling is his best contribution to a Chicago Sunday. I enjoy visiting during the week when I can and pointing out the carved angels atop the 14 pillars. Every visitor seems to love the fact that they are all different.” — Margaret Laing, Margaret Serious

“Anywhere, anytime. The relationship I have with God is very personal, and I take time to regularly worship Him outside the confines of any one building. That said, it’s thrilling to share worship time with believers in a localized setting, and I’m all for it!” — Marie Larsen, There’s a Bug In My Coffee

“I am certainly biased because my parents (and many, many others in my family) attended this church while growing up and got married there, but St. Mary of the Angels in Bucktown always strikes me as absolutely gorgeous every time I’ve walked in there.” — Amy Litterski, Scribbling of Thoughts

“Bahá’í House of Worship for North America in Wilmette.” — Bill Mayeroff, Pints and Pups

“This question pretty much begins and ends there.” — Howard Moore, I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes

“I am not a churchgoing sort, but the chorus in which I sing (the Chicago Bar Association Chorus) performs downtown at St. James Episcopal Church. not only does it look gorgeous, it sounds gorgeous – the acoustics are great!” — Nicolle Neulist, Picks & Ponderings

“B’hai would be #1, but North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe, designed by Architect Minoru Yamasaki is a close second. Very open feeling!” — Les Raff, Getting More From Les

“The Bahai Temple in Wilmette. It’s one of only ten Bahai Temples in the world and the only one in North America. Comedian Rainn Wilson and his family were members when they lived here.” — Teme Ring, Comedians Defying Gravity

“St Vincent de Paul parish is beautiful. I never went to mass there, but saw it when my daughter went to school at DePaul.” — Susan Schulhof, Looking for the Good

“Chicago Botanical Gardens or Busse Woods. Worshiping in a building is great but I more often than not find myself closer to God outside among His creation. I feel at peace and can focus more on His voice when I can shut out all the urban clutter. Now what question would I ask the group What is hidden gem of a place do you go to find antiques, bargains, flea market type stuff.” — Meggan Sommerville, Trans Girl at the Cross

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