Ask ChicagoNow: Who is the best Chicago broadcaster past or present?

Ask ChicagoNow: Who is the best Chicago broadcaster past or present?

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Who is the best Chicago broadcaster past or present?

“Legendary Anchorman Bill Kurtis.” — Jessica Gardner, Little Merry Sunshine

“Fahey Flynn.” — Marie Larsen, There’s a Bug In My Coffee

“Current best is Jason Benetti. By far. Past: John Rooney and Bill Kurtis. Depending on how you define ‘broadcaster,’ I would put Peter Sagal on the list, too.” — Bill Mayeroff, Pints and Pups

“I really like Jason Benetti. The rapport between him and Stone is very clever and entertaining. Chicago baseball broadcasting is in good hands except for Ed Farmer.” — Howard Moore, I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes

“John Drury was cool!” — Sabrina Nixon, Purple Reigns: How to Live a Full Life with Lupus

“Jack Brickhouse calling the Cubs games and sparking my love of baseball.” — Terry Parrilli, Very Terry

“Best News Team: Ron Magers and Carol Marin.” — Les Raff, Getting More From Les

“So many! I was just going to say Carol Marin and Ron Magers, too. I also loved Mary Ann Childers and Jay Levin, Linda Yu, Lester Holt (now and when he was a Chicago broadcaster), Pat Tomasulo, Ravi Baichwal, Terrell Brown, and of course, the wonderful Ji Suk Yi! Can we include the weather folks? Tracy Butler.” — Teme Ring, Comedians Defying Gravity

“I really like Lester Holt.” — Colleen Boland Sall, Raising Teens Right

“If meteorologists are included I grew up watching Tom Skilling, and have always connected to his segments. This past summer I made the trip to see the Total Solar Eclipse in person, a trip I’d been planning for years. Afterwards I saw footage of Tom getting all emotional, and I had the same thing happen to me. Like Tom, I’d heard about how a total solar eclipse could be an emotional thing but I didn’t think it was possible until I had that experience for myself.” — Sophie Sanchez, Cosmic Chicago

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