Most popular dog breeds in America

Dogs may be man’s best friend but, with so many best friends from which to choose, it may be difficult to determine which breed is best for your specific lifestyle. The American Kennel Club has released its most recent popularity rankings, revealing that there are plenty of pups to go around.

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You simply cannot ignore that each breed has its own distinct appearance, personality, and character traits. Every owner chooses the breed of dog that they bring into their home for one reason or another. Sometimes that reason may be tied to those aforementioned qualities. However, sometimes it may have something to do with the breed’s reputation – either in history or in entertainment.

Nonetheless, all of the different characteristics and stories that influence our decisions when selecting which breed of dog to make a member of our family are as inexhaustible as the day is long. Here is a look, via Stacker, at The American Kennel Club’s most recent popularity rankings when it comes to dog breeds as well as a bit about what makes each breed unique.

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