See where Chicago ranks amongst the 50 most congested cities in America

Traffic is a word with a pretty negative connotation for most people. Not only does the word make people cringe, but the actual consequences of traffic often compound making it hard to escape. During rush-hour, many commuters slow down the traffic stream due to street capacity and overall infrastructure organization.

Traffic congestion has many negative impacts that harm consumers. Congestion causes delays, wasted fuel that increases air pollution, spillover traffic into side streets, and higher chances of getting into an accident. Many cities are accruing more interest in urban design and trying to fix traffic congestion through grid plans, zoning laws, and transit-oriented development. However, it will be awhile before we see massive reductions in congestion.

Using data from INRIX factors like: international ranking, hours spent in congestion, time spent in traffic during peak hours, Stacker has analyzed the top 50 most congested cities in the United States. Yes, New York City and Los Angeles are on top of the list. But, some places will surprise like San Rafael, California and Woodbridge, Virginia where there have rising rates in congestion.

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