Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the best place to view the Chicago skyline?

Ask ChicagoNow: Where is the best place to view the Chicago skyline?

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Where is the best place to view the Chicago skyline?

“My favorite view is from a plane, and when that isn’t possible, Navy Pier.” — Sher BonDurant, On Tap in the Windy City

“From the sky on a cold, clear winter night in a Cessna 150 (small 2-seater, single-engine aircraft) with your big brother flying. He’s a captain for American Airlines now, so the airplanes he flies are significantly bigger than 2 seats.” — Marie Larsen, There’s a Bug In My Coffee

“Lakefront Trail, facing south, just north of the Museum Campus, around 5:15 am. Sun rising and turning the skyline orange. You can’t tell where the lake ends and the sky begins.” — Bill Mayeroff, Pints and Pups

“From Grant Park, where you can lie on your back on the grass and take it all in.” — Mark McDermott, The Beeronaut

“The north side of Solidarity Drive between the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium.” — Bonnie Mcgrath, Mom, I Think I’m Poignant!

“My favourite view I’ve ever had of the Chicago skyline was in a jog cart going the wrong way down the stretch at Hawthorne Race Course, while learning to drive a horse. Maybe the view is a bit less cloud-covered from Promontory Point, or from an airplane coming into town on a clear day, but? There was nothing like a view of my favourite city, from my favourite racetrack, with a horse’s reins in my hands.” — Nicolle Neulist, Picks & Ponderings

“I will have to go with the reflection of the skyline on the Bean. It is pretty cool on a sunny day.” — Ana Martin Sagredo, Foreign Affairs: Children Edition

“I love the view from North Avenue Beach too, but the view from Lincoln Park Zoo is beautiful with mix of nature and buildings.” — Susan Schulhof, Looking for the Good

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Lead image via Susan Schulhof

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