Spring Make at the Museum of Science and Industry

Spring Make is a four-week celebration featuring numerous events and activities designed to unleash guest creativity, including the centerpiece of the festival, the Make Shop. This new experience gives guests the opportunity create their own wearables using 3D printers, vinyl cutting, and LED circuit building.

As guests create in the Make Shop, they will learn about problem-solving skills, the diverse community of local Chicago makers and how making can have a positive impact on communities. More than a dozen artifacts showcasing the incredible possibilities of making are also on display in the Make Shop, including a 3D-printed lung, a cup created by a young girl from Chicago to help people with Parkinson’s take a drink without spilling, a laser-cut dress created by fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and much more.

Spring Make Festival, which opens to the public Friday, March 9 through April 8, will offer a robust combination of daily activities and special events designed to help guests see themselves as designers, makers and tinkerers including the MSI Chicago Mini Maker Faire; Hebocon, a renowned “crappy” robot competition; adults-only events and new hands-on challenges. Select experiences and events require an additional ticket purchase. A full schedule is available online.

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